Former West Pokot Senator Calls Out Leaders Engaging in 2027 Elections Campaigns

Former West Pokot County Senator Samuel Poghisho.PHOTO/Courtesy

By Benson Aswani,

Former West Pokot County Senator Samuel Poghisho has criticized a section of political leaders in West Pokot County delving in to the 2027 political campaigns.

While speaking to Kalya Digital News, Poghisho stated that this is the period for leaders elected to serve and implement developments according to their manifesto.

According to the long term serving politician and former leader of Majority in the Senate, the current leaders elected should not be starting politics for the next general election which is set to come up in the next three years.

“It is a sad thing that the political leaders in this county are the ones who are heavily involved in politics for the whole nation. This is not the time to start playing politics for the next general election. It is time when elected leaders should ensure that they serve the people,” said Poghisho.

In addition, Poghisio criticized the political groups that have already been formed in West Pokot county towards the next general election, a move he said will lead to divisions among the people on political grounds.

“There are about three political groups that have been created here in West Pokot to develop the politics of 2027. This step will lead to divisions among the people,” he said.

Meanwhile, he encouraged the leaders to cooperate with the county leadership in facing the challenges that are being witnessed, including dealing with the issue of corruption especially after the ethics and corruption commission EACC named West Pokot among the counties that are facing corruption challenges.

“West Pokot County has been mentioned among the counties that are facing the challenge of corruption, this is the time when all leaders should cooperate and ensure that this issue is eradicated,” he said.