West Pokot Farmers Demand Answers on Fertilizers Shortage

Small-scale farmers collecting subsidized fertilizer at the NCPB depot.PHOTO/Courtesy.

By Benson Aswani,

Farmers in West Pokot County have raise complains over fertilizers shortgate at the NCPB warehouse in Makutano town, Kapenguria.

According to the residents they are in fear of missing out on the cheap fertilizer provided by the government and distributed by NCPB grains and crop board.

The farmers led by John Daimoi from Chepareria area, have maintained that the government promised them they would get the fertilizer before rainy season.

However according to Daimoi, most of the farmers have not received it until now, despite receiving messages asking them to take the fertilizer from the warehouses.

“The fertilizer that we were promised that we would get before the rainy season, we have not received until now, despite receiving messages that we should come to the NCPB warehouses to collect the fertilizer,” said Daimoi.

The farmers are now asking the government through the Ministry of Agriculture to explain to them what is causing the lack of fertilizer in the NCPB warehouses, especially at this time when the planting season continues, as it may